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The Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings:– We are an India based company which is engaged in the manufacturing, exporting and importing of flawlessly designed products which meet High Global Standards. One division specializes in jewellery designing like rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, watches, Diamond Earrings, etc… All made in India. Quality, authenticity and creativity is our hallmark and excellent customer service is our motto.
Diamond Stud Diamond Earrings:– What is the significance of diamond stud Diamond Earrings in today’s world? The diamond stud Diamond Earrings happen to be one of the few fashion accessories that have made a lasting impact over time. They are not only the choicest accessories of this generation, like that of the earlier ones, they are considered to be very elegant.

Designer Diamond Hoop Diamond Earrings:– With respect to Diamond Earrings, what complements one person’s face and skin tone can appear appalling on another. There are different types of Diamond Earrings suitable for work, the opera, parties or daily wear. With the right Diamond Earrings even a casually dressed woman may appear chic and stylish.

14K White Gold Diamond Earrings:– Every woman loves to dazzle and Diamond Earrings are just the accessories to make it happen. Perhaps the most classic design is a simple diamond stud, but there are also creations in chandelier, hoops, stick bar and dangle Diamond Earrings. In recent years, there have even been diamond earpins produced for the woman who wants to make a truly unique statement in fashion We proffer the most exclusive Diamond Jewellery throughout India. The gorgeous and opulent designs of our diamond jewellery are quite bewitching. Our Wholesale Diamond Jewelry is marketed at most equitable prices in the market. This makes us one of the leading Indian Diamond Jewelry Manufacturers and suppliers in India. Above items are Top seller items from the range of Diamond Rings Diamond Earrings Diamond Pendants Diamond Engagement Rings Diamond Three Stone Rings Diamond Wedding Rings Wedding Bands Solitaire rings Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 1 Carat Diamond Ring Solitaire Diamond Ring Wholesale Diamond Rings Pear Cut Diamonds from India Engagement ring Princess Cut Diamond Ring Anniversary Rings White Gold Diamond Rings.

History of Diamond Earrings:– Diamond Earrings – I think of them as the finishing touch to your look. They complete your fashion statement. There are Diamond Earrings for all occasions – the board room, work, casual outings, your wedding, a night on the town, or a day at the beach. The first pair of Diamond Earrings has been dated back to 2500 BC. Only the wealth and those of royal lines could afford expensive jewelry back then. There are all types of Diamond Earrings – hoop Diamond Earrings, stud Diamond Earrings, button Diamond Earrings, dangle Diamond Earrings, chandelier Diamond Earrings, and droplet Diamond Earrings to name just a few.

Diamond Earrings come in all types of materials and metals. Gold, pearls, silver, plastics, copper, gemstones, diamonds, paste, bakelite, faux stones, or glass. The list goes on and on. The oldest Diamond Earrings ever unearthed by archaeologists were discovered in Iraq date to about 2,500 BC. Back to 3000 BC there were two types of Diamond Earrings: the hoop, and the more elaborate pendant. From 1559 B.C. to 1085 B in Egypt earplugs became very fashionable. These type of piercings and Diamond Earrings are seen even on King Tutankhamen. In the Dark Ages poverty prevailed and metal jewelry sharply declined although designs were preserved for later use. During the Roman Empire wealthy women used Diamond Earrings to show off their rich status. By the 2nd century AD gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, and aquamarines were used regularly. During the Byzantine period which ran from330-1200 AD Diamond Earrings took a back burner to more elaborate body ornamentation. In the Middle Ages Diamond Earrings become almost non-existent because of the elaborate hair styles, and headdresses which were ever so popular. During the 16th century in Italy high collars disappeared and hair was being worn up and away from the face, so Diamond Earrings began to make a comeback. In other parts of the world such as England and France it would be another 100 years or so before the high collars disappeared. As time progressed the design of Diamond Earrings became much more complex. Around 1660 the girandole earring made its appearance remaining very popular for the next couple of centuries. The girandole Diamond Earrings were extremely large and heavy because of the metal content [gold or silver] and the amount of gems. Made of 3 pear shaped drops on a hook.

The weight was known to cause elongated ear lobes. In the latter part of the 18th century the pendeloque Diamond Earrings became popular. They were longer than the girandole Diamond Earrings but much lighter. They were the balance for the high hairdos and big wigs that were being worn. During the early 1800, jewelers began to mount gemstones, on an open back claw setting. This allowed the light to pass through the gems enhancing their color and brilliance. By the 1850s, Diamond Earrings had once again disappeared from the fashion scene. This was once again a result of changing hairstyles. The new styles that involved wearing the hair gathered in a knot at the back resulted in the ears being totally hidden. As well bonnets had arrived on the scene which also made wearing Diamond Earrings rather difficult. During the early 20th century screw backs were invented which meant women no longer had to pierce their ears. These became very popular. Some circles even began to believe piercing ones ears was rather barbaric. After WWI shorter hairdos became very popular. Diamond Earrings were perfect for filling the space from short hair to shoulder and once again became a popular fashion statement. During the 1920s art deco styles took hold, recognized by their straight or angled designs. Very long chandelier Diamond Earrings were also quite popular during this time. During the 1930s the clip on was invented. Because clip ons held the earring more snuggly than screw backs they became the number one choice for many years to come. Pierced ears faded into the background. During the 1950s Diamond Earrings were light and aerodynamic. By the 1960s Diamond Earrings had become fun and innovative. Texture and color was very important. Prior to the 1960s Diamond Earrings were dedicated to either evening wear or day wear with the evening wear Diamond Earrings being more elegant.

During the 1960s this all changed when the distinction between what was acceptable for evening or day faded away. By the 1970s we had entered an “everything goes” style to Diamond Earrings and pierced ears had made a comeback. Women were buying Diamond Earrings in large quantities for every occasion. Today it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have pierced ears. Today men are as interested in Diamond Earrings as women. Men often prefer studs or small hoops, they may wear one earring, two or more depending on the individual’s tastes. Children now get their ears pierced often at a very young age, even sometimes as babies. Women may have anywhere from one set of holes to piercings right up the ear. The fashion of Diamond Earrings has come a long way over the years and its here to stay!!! Buying diamonds and, in particular, Diamond Earrings is not like buying any other item. After all how many purchases do you make where what you are buying needs to make you look good and be a worthwhile investment at the same time? The purchase involves both your emotional and business side. It’s an emotional purchase because you want to look great and feel fantastic when you put your Diamond Earrings on. Most people only wear their Diamond Earrings on special occasions, so that thinking about wearing them needs to make you feel special. It’s important that you buy the right shape Diamond Earrings to suit your look. What’s as important is that you purchase the right quality and shape of diamond to compliment the setting. Most people do not realize that the real value in Diamond Earrings is in the diamond, not the setting. Although not exactly free, settings are cheap and more or less worthless without a diamond.

Buying Diamond Earrings should always be about buying the right diamond. A good rule of thumb is to purchase the best diamond (not necessarily the biggest) that your pockets can afford. Within this guide to buying Diamond Earrings you will find sections that look at every shape and style of Diamond Earrings, together with a comprehensive guide at what diamonds are and how to be sure that you are purchasing a good quality product. We also have another site which covers the entire range of Diamond Jewellery on sale in the UK. Cheap Diamond Earrings /Diamond Stud Diamond Earrings / Mens Diamond Earrings /Diamond Chandelier Diamond Earrings / Diamond Hoop Diamond Earrings /Diamond Huggy Diamond Earrings /Diamond Drop Diamond Earrings / Gold Diamond Earrings / Diamond Earring Gifts / Fashion Diamond Earrings /diamond trilogy Diamond Earrings Gemstone Diamond Earrings / Amethyst Diamond Earrings /Aquamarine Diamond Earrings / Blue Topaz Diamond Earrings / Emerald Diamond Earrings / Pink Sapphire Diamond Earrings /Ruby Diamond Earrings / Sapphire Diamond Earrings / Tanzanite Diamond Earrings Diamond Earrings / Solitaire Stud Diamond Earrings / Hoops & Omega / Drop / Chandelier Diamond Earrings / Fashion Diamond Earrings / Trilogy Diamond Earrings / Journey Diamond Earrings / Gemstone Diamond Earrings / Hoop Earring | Omega Earring | Diamond Earring | Diamond Stud Earring | Diamond Solitaire Earring Three Stone Earring | Sapphire Earring | Ruby Earring | Emerald Earring | Pearl Earring | Pearl Diamond Earring The Diamond Earrings

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